2024- Marcus & Paige Dueck- Kleefeld

Irma & Hermann Dueck emigrated from Germany in 1958 to start the 1st Generation of Four Oak Farms.  Armin & Antje Dueck married in 1982 and began the 2nd generation, Paige and Marcus married in 2009 and joined the partnership in 2013, starting the 3rd generation. Paige and Marcus have two daughters, Sutton born in 2019 and Brielle born in 2023.

Marcus was born and raised on the farm; Paige worked on farms growing up.  Both graduated from the University of Manitoba with Bachelor of Science in Agriculture majoring in Animal Systems.  Marcus achieved his Professional Agrologists license and worked as a sales associate for Marc Hutlet Seeds Ltd. He is a member of the local fire department and currently sits on the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Advisory Committee.

Paige worked for Dairy Farmers of Manitoba as Producer Relations Coordinator and a Canadian Quality Milk validator. She is also an Equine Canada certified riding instructor for many years.  These experiences have shaped how they farm.

The dairy milks 49 registered Brown Swiss cows, 3x/day using the only tie stall robot in Western Canada.  Recent barn renovations include ventilation, dry cow housing, office, mangers and lighting. The dairy has won multiple milk quality, production, and farm awards.

The farm runs 785 ac, most is tiled.  Crops include corn, soybeans, and forages supplying both the dairy and cash crops. It takes part in agronomic and yield trials and offer custom field work.  Recently, hay sales have expanded, supplying both local and U.S markets.

The couple loves what they do and take pride in how they do it. Sharing the farms lifestyle with family, friends and visitors gives them joy and educates others.

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