Nominees may be an individual, couple or managing partner/shareholder of a farm group. Nominees may be two partners in a farming operation (i.e. siblings) who meet all the criteria requirements.

The nominee must be responsible for the majority of management decisions in operating the farm.

The candidate must derive 2/3 of gross revenue from agriculture and not have reached the age of 40 as of January 1 in the year of competition.

Over 50% of the farm`s income, averaged over the past 3 years, must be derived from the farm`s primary production.

A letter of support (on formal letterhead) from a third party must accompany the application form at the regional level.

To nominate a farmer for the Regional Awards Program please visit your regional website for more details.

To qualify for the National Recognition Awards Program the nominees must be certified winners of a valid Regional Awards Programs and must:

  1. Be aged 18 through 39; not becoming 40 prior to January 1 of the year of competition.
  2. Be actual farm operators, deriving a minimum of two-thirds of their gross income from their farming operation.
  3. All financial information including financial statements must be complete for the National Competition. Financial records will be held in strict confidence.
  4. Photographs are required for display and publication purposes. The PowerPoint presentation should depict the story of your farm’s achievements, the people involved, contributions to improve lifestyle and family.

The judging criteria of Outstanding Young Farmers will be:

  1. Progress in agriculture career (25 points).
  2. Environmental stewardship (25 points).
  3. Production history (25 points).
  4. Financial and management practices (25 points).
  5. Contributions to the well-being of the community, province and nation (25 points).
  6. Other information.
  7. Financial progress (15 points).
  8. Oral interviews (35 points).
  9. National event PowerPoint presentation (25 points).

Nomination Form

You can download the National nomination form here


National Nomination Form