The W.R. Motherwell Award

The W.R. Motherwell Award is presented annually by Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers to an individual or couple who demonstrate excellence in leadership and dedication to the both the OYF program and Canadian agriculture. The precursor to this award was the Award of Excellence presented to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the OYF program.

Each year at the OYF National Awards competition, an individual or couple will be presented with the W.R. Motherwell Award, showing our appreciation for a job well done, on behalf of the entire OYF Alumni. The honour is presented to those who have shown excellence in agricultural leadership, just as W.R. Motherwell did, the namesake for this prestigious award.

W.R. Motherwell award background

Who is eligible?

An individual or couple who has:

  • Shown exemplary dedication to the OYF of Canada Program
  • Assumed a leadership role as an initiator and promoter of the program
  • Promoted the value of excellence, advancement, opportunity and exchange within Canadian Agriculture

Nomination Deadline and Form

The deadline is March 31 of each year.

Any alumni or friend of the OYF program can nominate an individual or couple for this award.

W.R. Motherwell award nomination form

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