2023-Russ and Beth Wildfong – Craik, SK

Russ and Beth Wildfong own and operate Wildfong Enterprises in Craik, SK. Russ grew up on his family farm. At the age of 18, Russ rented his first two quarters and started farming. This helped him finance his post-secondary education at U of S, as he got his Engineering degree. He was also able to buy these 2 quarters of land during that time. After a short time in Calgary and northern Alberta, working as an engineer-in-training for the Canadian Natural Resources, Russ came back to finish his degree and concentrate on working on his farm.

Beth obtained her Commerce degree and currently runs a commercial development company. Russ and Beth expanded by purchasing the family farm and increasing their land base. Today they are farming 10,000 acres growing canola, durum, and lentils. They also started a new business called Wildfong Concaves. They manufacture Ag parts for combine harvesters, using Canadian sourced raw steel and consumables. This company is growing and gaining International attention.

The Wildfongs keep busy with their two children, Arthur and Claire, coaching and managing sports teams, being involved with the local volunteer fire department and also with a local oral history group raising awareness for single room schoolhouses.

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