2023-Jake Leguee, Sarah Leguee and Erik Nikolejsin- Weyburn, SK

Leguee Farms was initially established in 1956, when Don and Elsie Leguee bought the home section at Weyburn, SK. Their youngest son, Russ, along with his wife Sharon, took over the farm in the late 1970’s. During his time managing the farm, he started minimum till in the late 1980’s and grew the acreage base by nearly 700%. Russ began phasing the cattle out in the early 2000’s to focus exclusively on crop production.

In the early 2010’s, management of the farm transitioned to generation three, with Russ and Sharon’s children Sarah and Jake fully involved as partners in the operation. In 2017, Erik, husband to Russ and Sharon’s youngest daughter Amber, joined the farm team as well. Today, Sarah, Jake, and Erik manage the farm as a team.

The Leguee team intensively manages their crops, believing in the importance of continuous improvement, always seeking to find new ways to look after both their soils and margins. They work with their partners to stay on the leading edge of technology, continually trialling new products and practices.

The family strongly believes in the importance of community and leadership. They are involved with coaching, local recreation boards, fire department and ambulance, RM councils and more. Sarah and Jake are involved with the broader ag community as well, including APAS, the SaskWheat Development Commission, the Global Farmer Network, and more. They are determined to share a positive story on social media and in Jake’s popular blog, A Year in the Life of a Farmer.

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