2022-Cody Straza and Allison Squires -Wood Mountain, SK

Cody and Allison own and operate a mixed cattle and certified organic grain farm near Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan along with their three boys, Declan, Gavin and Caden. Cody grew up on a farm in the Wood Mountain area and completed an Engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Allison was born in Newfoundland and met Cody while completing her PhD in Toxicology at the University of Saskatchewan. A few years after getting married they realized their goal of owning their own farm in 2010 when they bought their first land together and started Upland Organics.

Being involved with several organizations on the local, provincial, national, and international levels has allowed Cody and Allison to actively give back to their community as well as meet other innovative and successful farmers. Learning from others and through their own on-farm experimentation they have successfully adopted farming techniques that include reduced tillage, intercropping, cover cropping, pollinator strips, and rotational grazing. Using these practices, they have shown it is possible to improve their soil and be excellent stewards of the environment while also realizing financial benefits.

Through their innovation and outreach, Cody and Allison have become leaders in organic agriculture. They have received several awards for their efforts and look forward to continuing to give back to the agriculture sector in Canada. Their ultimate goal is to pass on a thriving operation to the next generation of farmers. To do this they are focused on doing more with less while identifying opportunities to expand their market with value added and diverse enterprises. They see many opportunities within the agriculture industry and are excited about what the future holds for the next generation of farmers.

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