2022 Russell Van Boom -Sturgeon County, Alberta

Alberta OYF is incredibly proud to present Russell Van Boom of Northbank Potatrms, a family farm established in 1963 — growing potatoes and grain next to the Sturgeon River in Alberta.

Northbank Potato Farms is a family owned and operated grain farm established in 1969, and is presently run by Russell Van Boom and his cousins Keith Goutbeck and Kevin Goutbeck. The trio run a diverse farming operation dedicated to providing quality products for consumption.

The farm currently seeds close to 6000 acres each year of grain and seed potatoes and is focused on sustainability as well as modern innovations in agriculture.

“We believe our land’s resources are a gift that should be cultivated with respect. The farm is rooted in Christian values,  operates 6 days a week and stands for sound agronomic practices as well as a work-life balance.” Russell Van Boom

Russ, Kevin and Keith are a new generation of family farmers, they are active in their communities and have been growing their business since 2008 by staying up-to-date on innovative technologies in agriculture. By participating in conferences along with their involvement in local farming business and community they’re able to stay connected and up with current practices.

Crop irrigation, land rotation, grain drying abilities and being situated in and amongst a variety of grain delivery points are among the many elements that have made Northbank what it is today.

To read more about Northbank Potato Farms’ rich and diverse history, click here to visit their website!

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