2020 David and Lorraine Hamblin- Morris MB

David and Lorraine Hamblin operate a 4,000 acre pedigreed seed farm and seed retail business at Morris, MB.  We have 5 children, Erin 10, Addison 8, Claire 7, Paige 5, and Luke 1.  We have 6 full time staff who are critical in allowing our businesses to continue to grow and be successful.

We started with 1,500 acres in 2005, and in 2008 we rented 1,500 acres from David’s parents when they retired and pursued other interests.  This brought the farm size to about 3,000 acres.  In 2019 the farm expanded to 4,000 acres where it stands today.

In 2014 with our farm size stable at 3,000 acres, our growth plans accelerated with a major infrastructure expansion.  In 3 years we built a new seed cleaning facility including optical sorter, added 450,000 bushels of grain storage, and a grain dryer capable of drying around 1,000 bushels per hour corn at 10 points removal.  In 2019 we constructed a 24,000 sq ft cold storage building enabling us to store and maintain equipment out of the elements.  In the corner of this building we are currently looking forward to the completion of a new 3,000 sq ft office.

In 2013 we started Red River Seeds Ltd. as our retail seed business.  Through our many seed company partners, we sell corn, soybeans, canola, sunflowers, cereals, and Hybrid Fall Rye.  We offer a full line of on the spot seed treating for all the cereals and soybeans.  We were the first distributor of Hybrid Fall Rye in western Canada and continue to be a leader in this market.  In the last two years we have become a leading buyer and processor of fall rye grain for the milling, distilling, and malting industries as well as the cover crop market.

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