2020 Dallas and Regan Holenski- Morden MB

Dallas is a fourth-generation farmer and the youngest of three brothers. Together Dallas and Regan farm alongside his parents Glen and Shannon Holenski South west of Morden, MB. Dallas attended the University of Manitoba and graduated in 2015 with his Agriculture Diploma while Regan attended nursing school in Brandon. Regan currently works as a Licensed Practical Nurse at Tabor Home in Morden, MB. Dallas and Regan married on the family farm in August of 2018 and currently reside on the home quarter. Growing up in Morden, Regan has had to adjust to her new life on the farm. Over the last two years she has continued to learn and contribute to farm in addition to her nursing job.

Since immigrating from Poland in 1926 the Holenski family has been farming in the Morden area. Currently Holenski Farms is one of two active farms from the original family. Holenski Farms is a mixed operation with 2500 acres of cash cropping and 170 head of cow/calf. The farm grows a variety of crops including canola, soybeans, oats, wheat, and corn. Along with the crops, forages and corn silage are produced for feed.

Over the past couple years, the family has begun the transition of generations. A written succession plan that involves all family members is helping move the farm forward with direction and clarity. We look to continue growing the farm in the future with the values and influence from the generations before us. We want to be responsible farmers with respect to the land, environment, our neighbours and community.

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