2022- Tyson Martens- Kola, MB

My name is Tyson Martens, I am the joint owner of Seven Stones Inc. I farm a 4000 acre grain farm
consisting of rented and owned land with my wife Alida Martens. Our farm is located in South Western
Manitoba just south of the number 1 Hwy. This is a third generation farm; beginning when my grandfather
cleared a half section of land to begin farming in 1959. I, myself am 37 years old. I farm with my wife; a
city girl who has adjusted to country living, and our three children. This farm would not have been
possible if it were not for my parents who have transitioned out of farming yet are still very active running
machinery, doling out wisdom and looking after the farm financials. We also employ my brother in-law
Evan Beutler who came to us with some farming history before marrying my sister and joining our
operation. Together, we farm the land and strive to be dependable community members for our small rural
town of Kola.

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