2022-Harley Siemens-Rosenort, MB

I am a 4th generation poultry farmer located in Rosenort. Agriculture has always been my passion and pride. Growing up on the farm, I believe, is one of the best experiences one can have. Now with my wife, Brooklyn and our three children (TaNeille 4, Sawyer 3, Beckett 1), they can enjoy the same upbringing I was able to have.

After graduating in 2016 from U of M with an Agriculture Diploma, I came back to the family farm. We then started our succession plan, making me Vice President and majority shareholder. This plan also included a total revamp of our operation. In 2017-2019 we replaced our barn with three state-of-the-art, free run aviary barns that house 25,000 layers and 15,000 pullets. In 2020 we bought into one of the most extensive poultry operations (Manova) in MB. Along with our three partners in Quebec, we own 65,000 layers in 2 locations, Blumenort and Niverville. I was then named President of Manova and entrusted with managing the facilities and employees.

I love getting involved in agriculture outside our farm. I worked in developing exhibits with commodity groups at the Farm and Food Discovery Center at Glenlea from 2016 to 2020. Since 2019 I have had over 250 tours from schools, university classes, politicians, local sports icons, industry leaders and friends/family. I love educating the public about what we do and how we provide Manitobans with local, fresh, high quality eggs. During COVID, I was able to offer Live-Virtual tours to U of M classes and 200 classrooms through Ag in the Classroom.

I have also been involved in the Canadian Young Farmers Forum, KAP Young Farmers, MEF Director in Development, winner of the first Top 4 Under 40 poultry farmers in Canada and now a Director for MEF.

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