2021 Stuart Chutter- Killaly, SK

Stuart Chutter is a 35 year old farmer raising purebred cattle and diverse forage crops on his first-generation, small farm near Killaly, Saskatchewan.

Inspired by the stories of his farm customers while working in agriculture banking, Stuart began his farm career in meat goat production with 350 does and later added sheep.  These flocks grew to 1000 breeding females and targeted grazing for weed control was added as a complimentary enterprise.  For three years, leafy spurge grazing made up the most significant portion of his farm revenue.  A small purebred cowherd was added to clean up wasted feed behind the goats.  Currently the farm operates a purebred cow herd of 125 registered Red Angus and Limousin cattle, as well as producing diverse, multi-species forage crops.  Stuart’s breeding herd targets low-input and easy calving genetics focused on a cow’s weaning production as a percent of her body weight.

Implementing many principles of regenerative agriculture on his farm, Stuart targets soil health as the key pillar that aligns animal production, farm profitability and land value.  Most on-farm production practices are driven by the five foundations of building healthy soil – keeping the soil covered, minimizing disturbance, planting diversity, keeping a living root long in the season and integrating livestock.

A significant part of Stuart’s farm story is his journey to self-acceptance as a gay farmer.  More recently this is a part of farming and rural life that he has shared with other farmers who might be struggling with mental health, self-acceptance or questioning their place in agriculture.

Diversity has been central to Stuart’s farm story.  This includes different livestock enterprises and multi-species grazing, crop diversity in mixed forage blends , as well as appreciating that it’s the differences and uniqueness of farms and ranches, and all the people who run them, that make Agriculture the best place to be.

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