2020 Andre & Katie Steppler- Miami, MB

Andre and Katie Steppler, along with Andre’s parents and 3 brothers operate multi-faceted Steppler Farms Ltd located near Miami, Manitoba. Steppler Farms is a multi-generational farm that consists of 4000 acres of grain land, 2500 honey beehives, as well as a cattle division which includes 600 purebred Charolais and 100 Black Angus. The farm will be celebrating its centennial in 2021.

Andre and Katie manage the cattle division at Steppler Farms Ltd. They add value by raising purebred livestock which provides a wide range of experiences, networks, and work demands. Besides managing the large herd of purebred animals, Andre& Katie market genetics through two annual sales on the farm. Family time is spent travelling across North America promoting the farm and advocating for agriculture through judging, showing cattle at local, provincial and national shows and speaking at conferences across Canada.

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