With the National Event fast approaching, it is fitting that an OYF past president, Rick Stamp, shares his views on OYF National Events.  Rick and his wife Marian, have a pedigreed seed farm at Enchant, Alberta. The Stamps were Alberta and National OYF winners in 1998.

“Marian and I are looking forward to our 19th consecutive event, this year being held in Penticton BC. We have been fortunate in not missing one yet! It is our time to reconnect with our friends, who many are as close to us as any family could be. It is also another opportunity in our life to celebrate the future of agriculture, this great country that we live in and to endeavour to build a positive culture for future generations. It’s also a personal time to reflect, count our many blessing and set a re-energized course. As time marches on, we continually envision where we could be. OYF has been a significant part of our lives in the past and will continue to be in our future.” Rick