Our blog posts are a way for our alumni and sponsors to explain how the OYF program has benefited them and to gain insight into OYF events from across Canada.  Our first post is from Pam Sattler.  Pam and her husband Brent operate a grain farm near Milestone, SK.  The Sattlers were Saskatchewan OYF winners in 1994. 

“Through the OYF program we have gained an extended family with a positive passion for agriculture and our country.  All of us have a greater appreciation for our great country and the challenges and advantages facing individual regions and commodities.  During their school years, our children were motivated through our relationships within OYF to complete Grade 12 French in spite of having to take correspondence and online courses.  We travelled together as a family for the OYF National Event in Quebec and visited OYF family in Ontario as well.  In attending the rotating National Events we have seen a lot more of Canada than we would have otherwise visited.  We continue to enjoy our OYF family relationships.”  Pam